Are fuel costs slowing you down?


What we do

Supply BioDiesel at least 10ppl cheaper than the Supermarkets

No modifications required to your vehicle to switch to BioDiesel

BioDiesel produces up to 80% less emissions compared to conventional diesel


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Based in Widnes our Head Office acts as administration centre, fuel production facility as well as supplying BioFuel to our customers

Based in Widnes our Head Office acts as administration centre, fuel production facility as well as supplying BioFuel to our customers

David & Lawrence from Aintree

We’ve been coming to Fuller Fuel for just over a year now. We have received great service from Justin who has been informative throughout with the product knowledge and the price you notice in your mileage, great product! Lawrence

Jason from Widnes

I don’t want to put normal diesel in my tank again – Jason

Gary from Widnes

Being a new dad the environmental benefits are a great relief when driving the kids around – Gary

Barry from Widnes

As a taxi driver I can’t afford to put bad fuel in my tank – that’s why I only use B100 from Fuller Fuel – Barry

Lee from Swinton

Ever since I started working for Fuller-Fuel I’ve been using BioDiesel in my own van. I’ve noticed I get better performance and the engine runs much smoother. People ask me if I use our fuel and I can happily say yes! At the last M.O.T. the mechanic asked how I’d...

David from Aintree

We've been using Fuller-Fuel BioDiesel for 6 months now and find it runs great in our company van. I've recommended it to many of our customers to use in their cars and vans, many have now made the switch and are happy to use BioDiesel as their main fuel. You can save...

Benefits of using BioFuel

BioFuel is much cleaner than normal mineral diesel but there is so much more to it than just the environmental impact.


Easy to use

Filling your vehicle is easy at Fuller Fuel, our attendants will do all the work for you.


Drive in - Drive out

All of our depots are in custom built industrial units designed for you to just drive your vehicle in, get your fuel and then just drive out. It could not be any simpler.



As BioDiesel is a solvent it will clean your fuel tank and fuel line giving you smoother running.

Pay your way

We accept all major credit cards and cash at each of our depot’s.

We use it too!

Our fleet vehicles all run on our BioDiesel as do several of our staff members cars too.

BioDiesel & BioHeat

We supply both BioDiesel and BioHeat but whats the difference?



BioDiesel and BioHeat are made in the exact same way. How you use them makes all the difference.


BioDiesel is made for use in cars and the road duty has been paid for you by Fuller Fuel Ltd.


BioHeat can only be used for oil based heating systems such as those found on many industrial sites.