Frequently Asked Questions

BioFuel is much cleaner than normal mineral diesel but there is so much more to it than just the environmental impact.

What modifications are required?

None. BioDiesel can be used with no modifications required. Simply fill and go.


Why should I use BioDiesel in my vehicle?

You can save £1000’s a year by switching to BioDiesel.

BioDiesel is 100% legal to use in your car, van, taxi, truck, barge, plant hire, agricultural vehicles etc

What is BioDiesel?

BioDiesel is an alternative diesel fuel made from new rapeseed oil/used cooking oil. It can be used just like normal diesel in any car without any conversion costs and is almost odourless.

Will it be OK in my vehicle?

Yes. Please note that older vehicles (pre 1990) have rubber pipes within the engine which could deteriorate over time (years). However, they can be inexpensively replaced enabling the vehicle to run on BioDiesel. BioDiesel is safe to use in all conventional diesel engines. Incidentally, you may not be aware that you are already using BioDiesel in your vehicle as, by law, every litre of fuel you buy from a forecourt must contain a minimum of 5% BioDiesel. Supermarkets contain 7%.


What's this I've heard about having to change my fuel filter?

Normal diesel forms sediments that stick to and accumulate in your fuel tank. This is why there is a fuel filter in every vehicle. Over time this accumulation forms layers of sludge. BioDiesel will dissolve and clean these deposits from your fuel tank, fuel line and engine. Although it is unlikely, material flushed through your fuel system may clog your fuel filter which you may then need to change.

What about carbon monoxide?

BioDiesel reduces this by approximately 50%

Will BioDiesel affect my engine?

BioDiesel has been used in cars, vans, taxis and trucks all over Europe for over 14 years. UK taxing laws have changed to give BioDiesel a cheaper rate of tax to encourage more use of BioDiesel in this country. Many BioDiesel consumers have noticed better mpg, quieter, smoother engines, longer engine life and a major reduction in carbon dioxide.

Will using BioDiesel affect my car's performance?

BioDiesel is a natural cleaning agent which means it will very quickly clean out your engine and improve performance and fuel economy. It will reduce particulate emissions (that cloud of black smoke you can see from a diesel car that pulls away in front of you) by up to 60%.

Can I mix traditional petroleum based diesel and BioDiesel?

Yes you can. You can blend both fuels and it won’t affect your vehicle’s performance.

Why should I buy BioDiesel from Fuller-Fuel?

We are currently the Northwest’s leading supplier of BioDiesel. We sell direct to general members of the public. With a quick and easy “drive in-drive out” service you don’t even have to get out of your car to fuel up or pay. Fuller-Fuel sells to commercial companies for their own fleet vehicles, plant hire, agricultural machinery etc.


Is BioDiesel the same as “reddiesel” or “gas oil”?

No. Red diesel and gas oil are rebated fuels and are illegal to use in your car. BioDiesel however has been made especially for road use. Its fuel duty and tax have been paid on it making it 100% legal for all road use, for cars, vans, taxis, trucks, barge, plant hire, agricultural machinery, etc

What about sulphur emissions?

BioDiesel contains almost no sulphur thus reducing emissions by up to 99% compared to conventional road diesel.


Road Tax Changes

On April 1st 2017 the UK Government changed the way Car Tax/Vehicle Excise Duty is calculated. There are potential savings for our customers running their vehicles on BioFuel regardless of the type of vehicle (Car, Van, Taxi, Truck or HGV). For further information and potential savings please visit: Government Vehicle Excise Information The information is also available in PDF format: VED Reform briefing for motor industry.PDF

All of the above information is also available in our current information leaflet which you can download here: Fuller-Fuel Brochure

We hope this has helped you decide to use our BioFuel