The Growing Market

The BioFuel industry is forever growing as more and more countries fight to find a more eco-friendly, sustainable fuel source. Each year the consumption of BioFuels is increasing as more motorists are not only looking to reduce their carbon foot print but are also looking to reduce their commuting costs. With over 16 million diesel cars registered in the UK alone (Statista) our target market is vast.
Biofuel is not solely used to power vehicles as it can be used for a multitude of applications such as heating your home, generating electricity for your home, mobile power generators. We even have a local group of canal barge home owners that use our fuel to power there barges up and down the country.

Litres of BioFuel produced by Fuller Fuel

The number of cars you would have to remove from the road to acheive the same emission reductions

Tonnes less Co2 emissions

Members using Fuller Fuel on a daily basis. This number is set to grow as we open more depots!

Calculation based on 2.68Kg Co2 produced per litre of mineral diesel consumed. Overall emissions of BioDiesel are 80% lower than mineral diesel.

BioFuel is a truly sustainable fuel source

No drilling required, just a farmer and their BioDiesel tractor