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Gary from Widnes

Being a new dad the environmental benefits are a great relief when driving the kids around – Gary

Michael from Liverpool

I've been using Fuller-Fuel for over 9 months now as I'm currently covering over 1000 miles a week. The savings are massive, I'm getting more m.p.g. and also my car ticks over more smoothly. I've recommended Fuller-Fuel to everyone I know, of which nearly all of them have now made the switch to BioDiesel. Michael

David from Aintree

We've been using Fuller-Fuel BioDiesel for 6 months now and find it runs great in our company van. I've recommended it to many of our customers to use in their cars and vans, many have now made the switch and are happy to use BioDiesel as their main fuel. You can save lots of money using Fuller-Fuel which is important to us as a new business looking to grow. David

David & Lawrence from Aintree

We’ve been coming to Fuller Fuel for just over a year now. We have received great service from Justin who has been informative throughout with the product knowledge and the price you notice in your mileage, great product! Lawrence

Barry from Widnes

As a taxi driver I can’t afford to put bad fuel in my tank – that’s why I only use B100 from Fuller Fuel – Barry

Jason from Widnes

I don’t want to put normal diesel in my tank again – Jason

Lee from Swinton

Ever since I started working for Fuller-Fuel I’ve been using BioDiesel in my own van. I’ve noticed I get better performance and the engine runs much smoother. People ask me if I use our fuel and I can happily say yes! At the last M.O.T. the mechanic asked how I’d managed to get the emissions so low, I told him it was our BioDiesel and he now uses Fuller-Fuel too! Lee

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